Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Review: Is it a scam?

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is a product that helps you profit on the Bitcoin craze that took over the world in the beginning of 2014. The prices skyrocketed from $0.30 per Bitcoin to over $1000 for a single Bitcoin. If you purchased at that time when prices were t their peak, you probably lost money and don’t feel like playing with Bitcoins again. While the gold rush where Bitcoins trading created millionaires is over the Bitcoin market is still volatile enough for you to profit and pull in around 300$ daily. This program is helpful in getting you from starting point to advanced knowledge in a short period of time. Let’s get to the product.


Part 1: Bitcoin Basics

Video 1: Welcome Video – This video introduces you to “revolutionary Bitcoin profits training program” and gives you the low down regarding what exactly you’ll learn and how the program is set up.
Video 2: Bitcoin Explained for Beginners – This 23 min video gives you a fundamental explanation of Bitcoin and the technology behind it. Although the video is titled “Bitcoin for Beginners”, it contains enough information to give you a significant Bitcoin knowledge.
Video 3: Bitcoin Wallets – Third video teaches you exactly how to get started with Bitcoin by opening a wallet. There are four main formats of bitcoin wallets; Software Wallets, Cloud Hosted Wallets, Mobile Wallets and Paper Wallets. Video explains each individually and points out key PROS and CONS of each option.
Video 4: Coinbase Tutorial – This video walks you through the process of how to acquire your first Bitcoin(s) safely and securely using a service called Coinbase.
Video 5: Bitcoin Exchanges – This video goes in depth about the; different Bitcoin exchanges, buying and selling Bitcoin using these exchanges, avoiding risky exchanges and more.
Video 6: How to Make Money Trading Bitcoin – The sixth video discusses the process of “how to make money trading Bitcoin” and why most people are doing it completely wrong.
Video 7: Bitcoin ATMs – In this video creator discusses the development of Bitcoin ATMs, and provides you with a couple resources just in case you are interested in starting your own Bitcoin ATM business.
Video 8: Risks of Bitcoin – This is a educational video on the subject of Bitcoin risks & threats. How to avoid being conned in this “wild west like market”. Learn what risks could potentially face the overall Bitcoin environment and protocol.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program

Part 2: Bitcoin Trading Foundation

While Part 1 of the training course is all about helping you get started with Bitcoin, Part 2 of the course teaches you how to earn a lot of money by trading Bitcoin.

Part 2 consists of a 10 part video series teaches you exactly how to make money trading bitcoin. At first the concept of “trading” may sound speculative however the product teaches you exactly how to “play to win” and stacks the odds in your favor.

Creator “spills the can of beans” on exactly how he is making killer returns by simply making occasional Bitcoin trades. He takes you step by step through the process of how he has setup several profitable Bitcoin trading positions over the past year and achieved huge ROI gains.

Most importantly, you will learn how to profit from Bitcoin whether the price is going up or down. You can make money just as easy when the price of Bitcoin is falling or rising. The strategies of maintaining short and long position in trading Bitcoins and how to leverage your position for the maximum gain is explained in this part of the program.


– user friendly, beginner friendly, you only watch videos until you get educated

– no experience needed, no prior knowledge required

– 60-day money back guarantee

– well organized system, seamless presentation

– excellent money making tool

– available on the go with mobile version



– requires constant internet connection

– high star up cost for some people



Your risks are minimal due to 60 days money back guarantee. Unlike other similar products, Chris Dunn, creator of Bitcoin Wealth Alliance is well known for his Bitcoin trading and is active around the internet with a huge following of satisfied customer. This offer has everything you need. Good creator, good product and low risk for you.

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