Business Plan For Finance Review – How To Write A Business Plan For Funding

If you went to some university of economics you probably covered business plans and if you were “lucky” you had to write one. But at the moment you were probably thinking “why would anyone need this?”. Well if you’re here chances are you need it now and your college professor is long gone, but lose no hope fellows at “Business Plan For Finance” and it’s review got you covered.

Business Plan For Finance is a professional business education course which will give you important information and all the necessary knowledge needed when you apply for loans or you want some money from the investors. When communicating with banks and investors, it’s essential that you know how to create a business plan, how to do financial planning and understand basics of marketing. In this way your chances for getting necessary funding for your growing business will rise significantly.

In this all-in-one course you will get a lot of important information, professionaly prepared worksheets and templates, examples of successful business plans for funding and videos which will guide you through the whole process.

Business Plan For Finance Review And Overview

  1. A Beginner’s Guide – video and e-book

This module covers following topics: Introduction to business finance; Different sources of finance – grants, loans, equity, factoring etc ; Pros and cons of the different sources of finance; Understanding the right finance strategy for your business; Exploring the different requirements of grant, equity and loan funder; Review of the different appraisal and application forms. How to plan and prepare before approaching investor; How to put together a good business plan; Understanding sensitivity analysis and financial ratios; How and where to apply for grant, loans or equity finance.

  1. How To Write A Business Plan For Funding – video and e-book

This module covers following topics: The importance of putting together a business plan & misconception of business planning; What is a business plan; The difference between strategic planning and business planning;  Strategic planning examples and its connection to business planning; Scope and contents of a business plan; How to define your vision and mission;  How to develop corporate strategy, business goals and targets;  How to identify and research your target markets and their buying choices so that you can put together an effective marketing plan; Defining your products features and benefits, and pricing strategies; Using  PEST Analysis to analyse your external operating environments;  Determine indirect and direct competition;  Exploring and identify gaps analysis;  Using SWOT analysis;  Risk assessment and developing risk management strategies for business success; Understanding marketing mix and examples of good marketing  strategies.

  1. Creating Financial Forecast For Your Business – video and e-book

This module covers following topics: What is financial planning?; Why produce a financial plan? Your easy to follow guide to produce your financial plan for strategic business planning; Examples of cash flow forecasts; examples of P&L (profit and loss) accounts and balance sheet forecast; Importance of financial planning.

  1. Examples Of Successful Business Plans

Topics this module covers: In business it’s very important to understand difference between  theory and practise – what works and what don’t.  And that is why we give you plentiful amount of successful business plans so you can use them as templates and easily create your own proffesionaly looking business plan.

  1. Examples Of Cash-flow Statement, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet

You will be provided with easy to follow excel template so you can easily create Cash-flow Statement, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet for your Business Plan.

  1. Templates Used By Banks, Investors and Finacial Managers For Decisions-making

With this resource you wil be able to what makes a excellent business plan and how investors make their financial decisions. And save yourself a lot of money you would otherwise spent on consultancy services. This will help you immensely in growing your business.

  1. Understanding Financial Evaluation Criteria – Training Video

Financial evaluation criteria are explained in this easy to follow video. Also it explains financial linguo such as EBIT, Operating Profits, Financial Leverage etc so will also be able to present your business plan confidently to investors and banks.

  1. Financial Skills For Project Evaluation – Training Video

This video explains how can you convincingly present to investors that your business plan is financially viable using project evaluation techniques such as Net Present Value, Pay Back Period and Returns On Investment. Understanding and using this will help you communicate your business plan confidently to investors and banks. Most investors are very interested in the pay back period of their investments. They want to make sure that their investment will pay off quickly enough. Here you will learn how to be competitive in caplital market.

  1. Attracting Funds From Crowdfunding

Here the course explains how crowdfunding works and explains that there are over 70 crowdfunding platforms (links to them are also provided) from all over the World.


This professionally created business education course will help grow your business, reach your market faster, secure your financial future and all that for only $97, if you take into consideration that you are pitching investors for hundreds of thousands of dollar this seems like beer money in comparison . You also have 60 days money back guarantee – full refund of your money if you are not happy with this course.