Startup University Review – Should You Attend?

Did you know that 8 out 10 startups fail within 18 months?

You have a dream of becoming your own boss and you know you have what it takes to run your own business. You have a great idea and want to create something new. But beware – the majority of businesses fail (8 out of 10 to be exact) – and they don’t have to.

Some things you cannot control (like economic crisis, natural disasters. But what about things you can plan and prepare for? What if somebody would give you a formula on how to increase chance for long term success of your business?

Your Business Success Formula

Amazing idea + Validation + Streamlined Business Plan + Essential Business Skills + The Right Funding Choices + Passion = Your Successful Business

This is where Startup University: Kickstart program comes in.


Here you will learn the essential business skills that would usually take years to master. You will get core fundamentals, a formula for success, and a bucket of elbow grease. And that’s all you need. Here is condensed every aspect of being an entrepreneur in a simple and fun way.

You will learn how to differentiate good ideas form bad ones, how to effectively plan business activities, where to raise the money, and how can you get your first customer.

Here are 5 valuable courses you will be given access to:

  1. Validating Your Business Idea (Will It Actually Succeed?) – Before you spend your valuable time and money on starting a business, it’s important to see if it will actually work and can you monetize it.
  2. How To Get Your Business Funded And Off The Ground – Depending on needs of your particular business here are broken down your funding options and it shows you the right direction for all the resources that are actually worth your time. This is very important topic.
  3. Marketing Skills Bootcamp: Kickstart You Empire – If you don’t have any prior business experience, then getting the word out about your product or service can be really intimidating. What should you focus on? Where will you get the best results? In this course, you’ll learn the 5 skills you need to survive as a business owner marketing their business effectively.
  4. Top 7 Embarrassing Startup Mistakes And How Can You Avoid Them – Here are presented the top 7 mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting their business and the exact steps you can take to avoiding them.
  5. The Startup Resources That Save You Incredible Amounts Of Time Hassle – To give your business a head start and save money where it counts, here are the top tools and resources that will make your life as an entrepreneur significantly easier while helping you build your small business.

Many businesses will fail and all for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because poor planning or insufficient finance. Sometimes it is something as simple as not knowing and understanding your market (no market research). And sometimes it’s just a bad business idea in the first place.

But with right guidance you really don’t have to make mistake others have done. Startup University: Kickstart instructors have learned the hard way, made mistakes, and wasted a lot of money – so you don’t have to. Let the Startup University: Kickstart program tilt odds in your favor.

You’ll get lifetime and immediate access with a one-time $47 tuition. It’s very affordable because the goal is to help as many new business owners as possible.

If you don’t think that you’ve gotten excellent value from your $47 investment after 60 days, you will receive a full refund. No risk involved.

Start building your future now!